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2005 Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors' Conference
Monroe, Louisiana; January 3-5, 2005

The following links are to posts I originally wrote on my weblog. The reason I have put them up at rabbisaul.com is twofold: (1) the conference theme was "The Apostle Paul and His Theology," which obviously fits well with the scope of this web site; and (2) the material presented here, I have good reason to believe, has more permanent significance than might be implied simply by leaving it in a weblog archive. That said, I have made no attempt to edit out informalities or situation-specific comments.

The conference's keynote speakers, N. T. Wright and Richard Gaffin, are both important figures in contemporary Pauline theology. Special thanks are due to Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, for their vision, diligence, and hard work in making this wonderful conference a reality.


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Conference photos

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